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Bean Story

So Ive told myself I need to write more, not cause I think Im going to be a writer, but because Im doing squat creatively.

So this is my story of the day.

So I get home from the grocery store, put all my stuff away, yada yada.
Then I decide to eat cause Im hungry from looking at all the tasty food in the store. So I pull out a can of beans with pork and artificial molasses, cause the only good beans to eat are the molassesy pork ones.
And I fight with the can opener to open it up, and dump it in a bowl.

Now, when the can said it was beans with pork and molasses, I thought there would be lots of beans and some little chunks of pork or bacon, good stuff. Instead, all the beans come out with a clump and then a square chunk of pork falls out of the can.
I just look at it, and then at the can.
It was a exactly square chunk of ham with different layers and stuff, like they exacto knifed it off the cooked pig. Which I guess they do, on second thought.

But they werent lying, that can did contain beans and pork.

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