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Review of The Princess and the Frog

Heres my review of Princess and the Frog, by Disney.

I didnt like it. Oh I know, it deserves kudos and stuff for featuring a black princess, but I thought it should have gone straight to DVD. First of all, the most memorable character was not one of the main characters, it was the mains friend. The other animals she meets on her adventures dont have half the lovability of a bit character. Also, it seems like the Disney execs were like: She needs motivation and a respectable creedo about the world. What should we do? Oh I know, lets make her belief that hard work is the only way to get anything!" She repeats this mantra for like the whole movie, and it really gets tiring. I know hard work IS the only way to get stuff, but i dont need her preaching it at me and singing songs about it for the whole movie. Disney deserves a kudo for having a black princess. The princess wears her signature dress for about 3 seconds. Besides the fact that she is not HUMAN for most of the movie. This princess, though not shallow, doesnt have a whole scope of character. We dont see anything surprising come from her.
Oh and about songs.
There are no really good memorable ones. The closest they get is Evangeline.

Now, Im not a big stickler for disney musicals, whatever, they're not the focus of the movie. But I'd hope the music would be more memorable. Here's one of my favorite songs from another disney movie, Brother Bear. Which by the way bombed. But had a better story, character development, and music.

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